Saturday, April 14, 2007

Zvi's Bike

I went with Zvi (my friend and neighbour) to Bike Depot today and he got himself a new bike! A very nice Specialized Rockhopper.

Looking at some of the bikes they have there (I saw one for $5500) made me realize that I have a nice bike that I really haven't ridden much over the past couple of years. It is an older bike (I put it together with my bike courier buddy while I was still working at Evergreen) but very nice and very light. It has a Rocky Mountain frame and a lot of LX and XT parts on it.

I used to ride it back and forth to work (45 minutes each way) when we lived in Don Mills and it certainly gave me a great workout. As Spring rolls around I think I need to slip on the helmet and the sweats (you don't want to see me in bicycle shorts) and get a good sweat going as I enjoy the great outdoors.

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