Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The People formerly known as The Congregation

An interesting rant found here on the role of church leadership in the new millenium. Please go read it. I wonder if most of the discontent comes from smaller church pastors who have been deeply undervalued because the perception is that to be successful is to be big. How often have I heard that unspoken question (Why so small?) after the spoken question of "How big is your congregation now?" Why is size the measure of success? I also feel that there is a lot of blaming and generalizing going on within Christendom and not enough of just walking the talk.

The reference to the media "audience" is also interesting and reveals some of the deep discontent with the corporate style of media. Although there is still a great deal of consumerism - especially in the media for new media content (music, movies, video games, etc.) it is very refreshing to see the wealth of blogging, youtubing and informal entertaainment going on.

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