Sunday, April 29, 2007

Road Trip Day Five - Sunday

This was a much more relaxing day. We spent the day mostly at my sister's place and in the afternoon drove down to Peggy's Cove where we were able to get some pictures before the rain started. We visited the Swiss Air Flight 111 memorial and then Jared and John walked along the water intending to go all the way to the lighthouse. However, when they were about halfway, I drove around and picked them up where the ocean came close to the road.
We didn't take nearly as many photos today but I've chosen a few and posted them on a new Flicker site (mgekrause) that you can find HERE. I haven't labeled them but they are all of Peggy's cove or of the churches I saw on the way to Peggy's Cove. Of course the other photos we've already taken can be found HERE at another Flickr site.
On the way back from Peggy's Cove we dropped John off to visit his 2nd (3rd? 4th?) cousin and he stayed there and had supper with them.

Tonight we will just relax, maybe watch the Raptors game and hopefully get to bed earlier because we plan on having an early start tomorrow. The plan is to head out early to Cape Breton (which is about a 4 hour drive) so that we can be touring around the Cabot Trail during the day. We may overnight there if the weather is good and continue to explore on Tuesday. If so I would love to visit the old French fortress at Louisbourg. We'll see how the day turns out and stay tuned for more of our Road Trip!


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