Saturday, April 14, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

Ahhhh! The smell of bacon in the morning (and the afternoon because it clings to your clothes and tells the whole world what you've had for breakfast). You'll notice the eggs and bacon and sausages on the stove just about ready to be consumed

And in the second picture those ready to consume (Christian, me, Dan, Jared, Phil and Alan - Norm's taking the picture and Ken, Glen and Tom have not yet arrived). We actually had a few more show up after our photo shoot to help us with the abundance of food. You can actually see the smoke from the cooking of the bacon as it catches the early morning sun streaming in through the window.

For the last four years or so Norm has been hosting a breakfast for the men who hang around Hills and their friends. We call it the Breakfast of Champions because we don't pray enough to call it a men's prayer breakfast. But we do talk! Sometimes the talk is silly - but most of the time the talk is about what's going on with us or with our world or with the whole world. We talked a bit about the Leafs and why they are not in the playoffs. We talked some politics this morning (why is Belinda Stronach in the news again?) But mostly we talked about our testimonies (or Tom did anyways). He told us how God interrupted his life and in the "cone of silence" showed Himself to be real and alive.

I am so amazed of the repeated stories of how God moves in people's lives and how much of it is very similar from person to person. As we look back we can see the amazing way God has been faithful and with us every step of the way - even though in the middle of the journey He can seem kind of far away.

Thanks for your story Tom.
And thanks to you Norm, you really know how to show hospitality (and thanks Marika - because although Norm had the house before he was married and he still does most of the cooking, I know you make the place look nice and you still so graciously put up with our banter, and our mess!) Thanks for letting us be the church in your house!

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