Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Boyz

Once a month or so we gather together and ...
What is it exactly that we do (if we actually do anything)?
And who exactly are "we?"
"We" are the guys you see in the pictures - five of whom I have known since Stone days (i.e. the mid eighties). There's Ron, JP and Peter, and then Tony, Russ and Norm.
And what do we do?
Well, I could list our activities.
We talk (a lot - some of us more than others). We don't always agree. We eat. We drink coffee. We pray. There is an occasional prophetic "word."
But I'm not sure that captures it.
There are some months I don't even want to go - but I do go and afterwards I'm usually glad I went.
Tonight I was glad I went. We were honest. We came out of our shells. And we prayed like we knew God was real - hearing and answering our prayers.
Out of our prayers I realized something.
We want to be really alive.
We want to let that which God made us to be, come to the surface and break free.
We want to unashamedly follow Jesus, proclaiming His Lordship over our lives and in this world.
We are men.
We are the church.

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