Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Healing Rooms Training

I participated in a very good training event on the weekend - training people to work and pray in the various Healing Rooms in North Toronto (including Thornhill).

It was held at the beautiful Castlefield Church building pastored by Phil Woolridge and his wife Rebecca.

It wasn't great because I helped organize and spoke at it. It was great because of the focus on the Scriptural foundation for healing. We covered five topics:
i. The Healing Word by Thomas Chong

ii. Roadblocks to Healing by yours truly
iii. The Anointing by Mary Borland (and some DVD material from Cal Pierce)

iv. The Authority of the Believer by Herman Overdijk

v. Pratical Aspects by Rebecca Woolridge

I'll be posting the notes so that you can have some material to look at and participate in some of the good stuff of the event.

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