Friday, April 27, 2007

Road Trip Day Two

We woke up in Quebec City this morning, ate breakfast, packed up, checked out and went back to check out Quebec City. Jared and John found a great second hand music store on Rue St. Marie and I sat on a bench on the sidewalk having a coffee and reading a good book, enjoying the spring sunshine.

This is such a great city. It kind of reminds me of the Beaches, Yorkville and Europe all rolled into one. I could live here – if I spoke French. There is something about mountains and water and history that is just so amazing. It makes you wonder why so many people live in drab Toronto and the equally pedantic GTA.

We have such a beautiful country. Driving along the St. Lawrence River with its views and vistas and then driving through the back country was stunning. We stopped for a while at a place called Bic (it’s the place where they make the pens – just kidding) just west of Rimouski on the St. Lawrence. There was a stunning little waterfall pouring out with all its spring flood fury. And walking along the beach was a bit of a transcendent experience. God was there.

Not only was the scenery spectacular the weather was absolutely stunning. The day was finished off so wonderfully by an amazing sunset over the Restigouche River estuary near Campbellton, New Brunswick. We drove for another couple of hours and stopped for the night in Bathurst.

Our plans for tomorrow are to head over to Prince Edward Island or maybe even to Cape Breton first depending on what the weather is like. The Cabot Trail would be so much nicer with a view. I think some of the history in PEI can be appreciated in any kind of weather.

Jared and I have continued taking tons of pictures which I have uploaded to my Flickr site. I hope you are enjoying the travelogue. I had made comments and titles for all the pictures on Flickr but it didn't upload properly because we were having difficulty with the internet connection. But some of the photos are nice and you get a bit of a feel for the grandeur of the country. Try them out HERE.

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