Monday, April 30, 2007

Road Trip Day Six

This morning we left Halifax around 9:00am and headed up to Cape Breton to travel the Cabot Trail. The weather has been on and off raining and we actually got some wet snow. At the very tip of Cape Breton, called Cape North, the ceiling was very low and we were basically traveling through fog.

The snow was also still present and actually quite deep - as you can see by one of the pictures. Either it has been very cold late into the Spring or they had a great deal of snow up here this winter. I think both are true because it was quite cold today (hence the wet snow). The drive was spectacular in spite of the rain. I'm not sure we could have made it all the way around if the weather had been sunny and clear because we would have been stopping every couple of minutes. Even the low clouds and the rain created a mournful beauty that affected the soul and created a sense of longing.

The guys were alternately silly and comatose today. They were jumping around and hamming it up for the camera when we stopped to take pictures and then they promptly fell asleep anytime we settled into any lengthy drive.
Cape Breton had a noticeable difference in the style of churches. It was the first time I saw the first brick and stone on church buildings outside of larger cities - not for every church but it was a marked difference. The other difference is that we are in a noticeable French-speaking area along the west coast of Cape Breton. There is a strong Acadian presence on the cape and many signs are only in French. That affects the church architecture and I saw more two steepled churches as well as more colourfully painted homes.

Well we are almost ready to come home. We are spending the night in Sydney and will meander back to Halifax tomorrow. Hopefully we can drop by the fort at Louisbourg tomorrow - something that interests me, this former member of the Fort Henry Guard (FHG 559). I'd like to see at least part of the fort and see how they run the fort. Of course I could spend the whole day there - maybe I can get the guys to commit a couple of hours.
Tuesday evening we should be spending the night in Halifax at my sisters place and then heading back to Thornhill on Wednesday/Thursday. After six days on the road we are all feeling like we would like to get back home. The rest of my pictures are on the Flickr site HERE. Of course the other photos we've already taken can be found HERE at another Flickr site.

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