Thursday, April 26, 2007

Road Trip Day One

We have arrived in Quebec City and will be staying overnight.
We left this morning at 8:00am (or so), picked up Jared's friend John in Brockville at around noon (at where else but Tim Horton's), survived a harrowing trip through bumper to bumper Montreal traffic - even though the signs all said traffic was moving well, and arrived in Quebec City at around 5:30pm. It really was a great day for driving - no rain - and most of the afternoon was sunny and very pleasant. If only ...

We are absolutely delighted with Quebec City. Our hotel is a bit of a walk from the Old City but it was actually fun going through the streets meandering along what I would call a small lane but which carries two lanes of traffic and has buses zooming through. The Old City is so picturesque and everywhere you look you can see history and culture. I do regret not keeping all that high school french in my head. But the folks here have been very gracious - even with my Je ne peux pas parler Francais. It has been so much fun just walking around and stopping wherever we want. The downside is all the grade eight bus tours. Boy can you believe the nerve of them coming to Quebec city just when we are here?

Jared has been having fun with the camera taking about 300 pictures - some of which I have posted on a flickr account HERE. Unfortunately they are in reverse chronological order and I couldn't stay up late enough to fix that. Anyways, I hope you can check them out. (Rabbi Mykl is me by the way!)

Tomorrow we will be spending a bit more time in Quebec City and then heading out along the south shore of the St.Lawrence River up to Rimouski and then down to Bathurst, New Brunswick where we may stay the night.
We really don't have a strict agenda except to be in Halifax by sometime Sunday and be home sometime Thursday of next week. I will try and post something every day.


(kirstyn) said...

I was looking at some of the pictures on that link you gave... and i've been to those places in Quebec!! Last year on the music tour... and i raced rachelle up those stairs in that old Quebec part... :) It was fun.

hillschurch said...

Quebec city is great! I could definitely live here - If I could speak Quebecois!