Sunday, April 08, 2007

Go Leafs Go (home)

A change of pace.

Yes! The Maple Leafs are where they deserve to be
- out of the playoffs.

What was obvious to most pundits at the beginning of the year, and obvious to most objective observers and obvious to everyone but the Leafs management and the most rabid of fans in the Leaf Nation, became a reality today as the Islanders overcame adversity and clinched the final playoff spot.

Not only that but the Leafs managed to be the best team in their conference not to make the playoffs - and the second best team in the NHL not to make the playoffs (after Colorado). That means their draft pick will be mediocre at best.

The question at the trade deadline was why the Leafs weren't sellers so they could have picked up some good young talent for their overpriced, slow-footed defense corps. Let's hope for some good off season dealing.
However, it may take ten years of missing the playoffs before management decides enough is enough and actually bites the bullet to go through a true rebuilding process.

Maybe it will take a Jubilee before the Leafs bring home another cup.


Anonymous said...

Wasamadder? If you're not a Leaf fan why do you post about them? My Leafs right or wrong (good or bad)!

Livingsword said...

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