Friday, April 27, 2007

Road Trip Day Three

We finished the day yesterday in Bathurst, New Brunswick forgetting that we crossed a time zone and lost an hour. So instead of getting to bed at our usual 1:00am or so, it was actually two and I don’t think I fell asleep until three.

Today it was mostly driving as we went through Miramichi, slipped through the outskirts of Moncton and headed for the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. We stopped for some directions to some nice sites and checked out some coastal scenery (including lighthouses - that's me leaning against the lighthouse) before heading up to the north shore to visit Green Gables. We were the only ones there. There is some advantage to going off-season. The house itself was closed (the disadvantage of going off-season) but we didn’t really want to see the inside anyways.

I think we are mostly “scenery” guys anyways and took more photos of the north shore. (Today we took over 300 photos! At this rate we will be calling this "The Trip of Ten Thousand Photos!") Then we headed down to Charlottetown to find a hotel and something to eat.

The guys (John and Jared) are fun to be around and we all get along well. They actually went out to catch a movie while I stayed back to read and do the blog and post some more pictures at the Flickr site HERE. We tried to take more pictures with us actually in them instead of just shots of the scenery.

Jared and I are loving the camera – a Fuji f30 – which has been easy to use, takes great point-and-shot pictures and the battery life is amazing.

Tomorrow we will be heading back across the bridge (the ferry doesn’t start running until May first) and out towards Cape Breton along the Cabot Trail. Hopefully the weather will break. It started raining just after dark here.

In this last picture you can see the Golf (I'm actually sitting in the car). John is in front of the car and Jared took the hike down the coast to take the picture.


(kirstyn) said...

awww.. the stuff I write is your favourite music? I was checking out your profile.. that makes me happy..

I wish I was there with you guys... I desperately want to go out East sometime

Miss you... love you

hillschurch said...

Thanks KK. Next time it will be you and me and maybe Mom wants to come along

(kirstyn) said...

alright! I'm gonna hold you to that :). Maybe when i'm Jared's age, when I've finished my first year, that would be so sweet! hehe.. love you - have a good night