Friday, July 27, 2007

My Links

This is my page of links. It's not complete but I will be adding more as they are visited or as you suggest some.
Browse away!

However please be warned that not all these sites promote orthodoxy and my listing them here does not mean endorsement. I am at times posting comments on these sites disagreeing with their views.

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The Link of Links

Zoecarnate All the Christian sites you will ever want or need (except mine of course).


The Jesus Creed, my current favorite blog
Emergent Canada: facilitating missional conversations in Canada
The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch’s blog.
Poasis James Kingsley’s blog out of Victoria, B.C.
The Church and Postmodern Culture discussions of high-profile theorists in postmodern theory and contemporary theology as well as some book reviews
Chrisendom a post-doc student in Germany.
Aaron's Blog some guy named Aaron who does some good reviews and is a bit too scholarly but has some good posts
Experimental Theology a psychologist does theology - unorthodox and leans to universalism.
Pyromaniacs, a rather conservative Evangelical, strongly Calvinist blog site
Tall and Skinny Kiwi a blog by Andrew Jones - one of the blogging pioneers
Doable Evangelism, simplified approach to sharing your faith or What If Evangelism Meant Just Being Yourself?
Ordinary Attempts, a nice Christian take on Random Acts of Kindness
John Stackhouse's blog - He is an expert in Christian apologetics and teaches at Regent College.
A Peculiar Prophet William Willimon's blog - well known author and Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church.
Confessions of a small church pastor a blog based on a book - but some good stuff


Epic Ministries
Thinker Labs an experiment in open source church.
Canadian Emerging Church Documentary by Joe Manafo
Allelon: cultivating the formation of missional church
THE OOZE tries to bring together an online community of emergent explorers.
Canadian Evangelical Christian Church, a Canadian fellowship (denomination?) of innovative churches.
The Anabaptist Network a well thought out collection of theological writings from an Anabaptist perspective
Yonge Street Mission working with the poor in downtown Toronto.
Sanctuary woks with hurting, alienated and marginalized people in the City of Toronto.
Light Patrol a ministry of Youth Unlimited (Youth for Christ) working with homeless street youth
International House of Prayer in Kansas City
Off the Map some great resources for simply living Christianly

Unique or Emerging Churches

The Stone Church where I used to work.
The Urban Bridge, a new church in Edmonton.
The Open House an emerging church in Vancouver led by Kyle Martin
Emergent a website to connect with emerging churches in Canada, based in Victoria and run by Simon Goff
The Place and emerging church in Victoria led by Randy Hein
The Gospel in Our Culture Network a network of Christian leaders exploring how to better relate the gospel to our culture.
The MovementGlobal City Church Planting out of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC

House Church Movement

Dawn Ministries the website for Discipling A Whole Nation - great church planting resources and articles
NTRF or New Testament Restoration Foundation – a house church movement an Ontario based house church network
Friday Fax a website edited by Wolfgang Simson publishing info on the house church movement and revivals around the world.
Wolfgang Simson's website.
The House Church Blog
Simple Church a house church blog in the UK
Praxis a site with tools for church planters encouraging the development of missional church plants

Spiritual Formation

Follow the Rabbi a look at New Testament teaching through the eyes of Ray Vander Laan, an expert in the Hebrew history of the NT.
eChapel an experiment in e-liturgy from Frank Emanuel, a vineyard church planter in Ottawa.


The Wittenburg Door the world’s pretty much only religious satire magazine
Dog Church Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua
vurch or Virtual Church – where you go if you slept in on Sunday morning.
Ship of Fools the magazine of Christian unrest.
Fire and Ice a site of Puritan sermons.
Bible Gateway a great site providing search access to every version of the Bible you can think of. I use it all the time.
The Alban Institute - this is more of a mainline church organization that has published a lot of books that I'm reading for my course, Some good articles (mainline perspective).
Ron Zook's Blog my DMin classmate's travel blog for his sabbatical trip to South America.
Fresh Expressions a website describing new expressions of church in England sponsored by the Church of England and the Methodist Church.
Lark News a Christian News site


::aaron g:: said...

Thanks for the link (and the feedback!).

hillschurch said...

Thanks Aaron. Some people (of the few responses I get from those actually reading the blog) say to me that they are not interested in all the theological stuff and book reviews. However, I like going to blogs (like Jesus Creed and Aaron's blog) for the reviews of challenging books I may never read.