Friday, July 27, 2007

Organizing My Links

OK! I've been trying to figure out a good way to list a bunch of websites of interest (to me and hopefully to some of you who read this) all in one place instead of through the pages of my blog as I run into them. (I could list them on the sidebar but that would start to get very long and unwieldy.) I actually don't use my "favorites" list all that often and when I want to go to a certain webpage, I usually go to a site that I know connects with the place I want to go. For example when I want to read Kirstyn's blog I go to my blog where there is a link to her blog.

Well that's what I want to do here on the blog - I am going to create a blog post that lists all of my interesting sites in one place - a blog post (which of course has it's own unique web address and I can link to it from the sidebar). Then whenever I want to find one of these sites I will click on the link at the side to connect to this post containing the list. I can also add to the list by editing the post anytime in the future.

Aside from creating a new website (or another page on a current website), I'm not sure there is another simple (and cheap) way of doing this on Blogger. Anyone else have suggestions?

So the next blog will be my first stab at a more comprehensive list than you can currently see on the sidebar. I will try to organize them into categories so that they are simpler to sort through. If anyone else has suggestions for a new category or a site that should be included into a category - please pass it on.

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