Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Swarm Theory

I am still thinking about how this concept of swarm theory relates to the church. Is it possible to actually develop Christians with the core competencies to make the church work in as effective way as ant colonies or bee hives work? Can we create a different ethos?

Can we hardwire certain values into people's makeup? If each member is hearing the Spirit and acts according to scripture (the hardwiring) the things that could get done in the kingdom would be amazing. To lead an organization like this a leader must equip people to hear the voice of God and obey it. He (or she) must not make decisions for others, make sure decisions remain close to where they are carried out (otherwise he becomes a bottleneck). The role of leadership is to instill those values and give permission to make decisions. Historically the church has developed
hierarchical controlling systems of leadership instead of releasing empowering systems. So I don't think the real role of leadership is to cast vision or to administrate but to instill (hardwire) kingdom values.

To me the core competencies (hardwired values) include:
+ you (we) are the church - not some organization (the hive) or some bigwig (the queen bee)
+ every individual must act responsibly.
+ every individual must make his or her own responsible decisions
+ everyone must take initiative to work hard and do his or her own part
+ don't follow fads
+ don't imitate others
+ every member must know how to listen to the Holy Spirit (my sheep hear my voice)
+ the goal is the larger good (ensure the continuation/growth of the colony)

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