Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ordinary Attempts

I hope you remember the review I did on An Atheist Goes to Church. Well the author Jim Henderson has a website called Off The Map, with some great articles and resources.

One of the links is to a blog about divine appointments or what he calls "ordinary attempts." Here he advocates for a more simple approach to evangelism and developing spiritual relationships. He describes one encounter where he uses a simple four question survey which gets people talking about eternal things.

He defines OA's (ordinary attempts) here as the simplest and most basic form of evangelism. This belief is based on what Jesus said “If you give a cup of cold water to a little child because you are my disciple you won’t lose your reward.” Matthew 10:42.
Our culture’s equivalent of a cup of cold water is attention. OAs are free attention giveaways. And paying attention to people is a daring Kingdom of God action.

Along the same lines is another blog about Doable Evangelism with the subtitle "What if Evangelism Meant Just Being Yourself?"

Some good stuff here.

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