Thursday, August 16, 2007


I found this image at this blog along with some of the comments. If you look at the photo you can see stars (the rounder images with a "twinkle" or "aura" around them) and you cans easily count at least 30 galaxies (the more elongated images). However the caption states that about 1,500 galaxies !!! are visible in this deep view of the universe. This image was captured by allowing the Hubble Space Telescope to stare at the same tiny patch of sky for 10 consecutive days in 1995. The image covers an area of sky only about width of a dime viewed from 75 feet away.

How small are we? (Or how big is God?)

Cosmologists now conservatively theorize this:

Think of an atom that we will call "A"

Think of the observable universe - all that we can see and observe with the instruments we have today including Hubble (13+ Billion Light-years in any direction). We'll call that "O"

Now we'll call the possible size of all of creation beyond what we can see and we'll call that "C"

And consider this: A is to O as O is to C.

The Atom is to the Observable Universe as the Observable Universe is to all of Creation.

Which means that all we can currently observe of the universe is like an atom compared to what might be out there.

My brain hurts.

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