Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Church in the City

I had a good meeting today. Ten of us (pastors and leaders in North Toronto) gathered to give support to a pastor who has just been given greater responsibility – he has just moved from being an associate pastor to a senior pastor in a small congregation in Thornhill.

We came to give him support. It’s been a long hard road for this congregation and they are still facing an uphill battle. They have a leased location on a Yonge Street (our major north/south route) which means a high rent. They are a small congregation. They have had a checkered past, highs and lows. They have just had a leadership transition. They’re not sure they will be able to stay.

We gathered to pray, to brainstorm and to listen to God and to one another on behalf of this local church and for this pastor. And God showed up. Although the work is not done, it was such an encouraging time for this pastor and for all of those who gathered. It was the church working the way it was supposed to. There was no competition, no boasting, no finger pointing or blaming - just a deep sense of support and unity. We were truly acting as the church in the city.

I hope I have his courage to ask for help in my time of need. I almost feel like I want to precipitate a crisis just to have the support of my brothers and sisters in Christ gathering around me to pray and offer their help. Just knowing and being a part this group of pastors feels supportive. I pray every church and pastor in the city has this amazing resource.

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