Monday, August 20, 2007

Recent Meanderings

I haven't posted much recently but have been wandering around the internet and blogosphere a bit.

I read an online book that made a bit of an impression on me called "So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore" written by Wayne Jacobsen under the pseudonym of Jake Colsen. An online copy of it can be found here. I may post again giving my responses.

For a follow-up to Tammy Faye by Rick Joyner, check this out.

Daniel Henninger has written an interesting oped piece in the Wall Street Journal's "Opinion Journal" on The Death of Diversity and a study on why people in ethnically diverse settings don't care about each other. You can find it

A few weeks ago I posted on some posters lampooning anything postmodern or emerging church. Well Emerging Grace put together some that are a bit more generous in their view of the same concepts - Better I think, and very nicely done.

I'm not sure who actually puts any stock in these things (I certainly don't - or rather I have a different explanation for them) but The Fortrean Times: The World of Strange Phenomena has put together The Top Ten UFO cases in the past 60 Years. There is some weird stuff out there.

You can take a whole bunch of fun little "tests" at this "Mingle" site (which is actually an online dating site but you can ignore that and just take the tests). It turns out that I am 71% addicted to blogging and my blog is rated general (see below) because of my use of the word "missionary" somewhere in my blog ...

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