Friday, September 14, 2007

Slow Down 2

I found two sources saying the same thing today. The first one is John Ortberg in the previous post saying "ruthlessly eliminate hurry." The second is Scot McNight at Jesus Creed where he speak about slowing down as learning how to breathe - to live life in regular daily doses, finding moments to breathe - to contemplate, pray, relax, play - instead of trying to cram it in. Here is a quote from his post"

By Scot McKnight

Some people “breathe” or relax or refresh themselves the way many college students cram – instead of breathing on a routine basis, they hold their collective breath as they fill their schedule with meetings and phone calls to make and events to attend and places to go and e-mails to write and checkbooks to balance and movies to watch and games to play and services to attend and Bible passages to read … I could go on. Discovering that their pace is so breakneck, these same busy folk schedule a weekend off – but to pull it off, they must go out of town or take a whole week off. In other words, they “cram” into their busy schedule some relaxation but have to get out of the house to breathe.

The rest of the article/post can be found here.

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