Friday, September 21, 2007

Reading Blogs from the Golf Course

There are lots of little add-ons you can put on your blog. There are links to sites and counters and advertisements. I only have a couple of things (aside from links to other sites). You can see the Clustermaps map on the left side. That tells you in what parts of the world your blog readers live and how many have visited the previous day (yesterday I had 3 visitors). Just below it you can see how many people are online at any one time while you are reading a particular blog (in this case mine). Most times when I check the blog there are no other users online (I don't think that I actually count as one of those people who are online). Occasionally there is someone online and I check to see where they are. Most are from Toronto and some I know are friends.

Well it seems that one signal is coming from the middle of the Don Valley Golf Course in Toronto. I'm not sure that I would be checking out even my blog from the golf course. However, there are a couple of (a few?) explanations.

1. the map is not very specific and is only designed to give the general area that the signal is coming from (ie from Toronto somewhere - the Don Valley Golf Course is roughly in the geographic centre of Toronto).

2. the map is wrong - the person lives near the golf course and the map placement is off by some metres or kilometres.

3. The map is right but it is picking up the signal from a transmission tower or some switching station that is located is some out of bounds area behind the 3rd green - which means that the person could live anywhere in the general north central Toronto area.

4. Someone really is on the golf course with a laptop checking out the internet.

Whoever you are thanks for checking out the blog and the ramblings of a housechurch pastor.

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