Friday, September 07, 2007

The Link of All Links

o.k., OK, OKAY!
And I thought my list of link and blogs and websites was getting long. How wrong could I be?

Now if you REALLY want to find a Christian site, or articles about an author, or reviews or something on Church History, or the prophetic or literally whatever, you need to go check out "Sites Unseen" or better known as Zoecarnate. This site needs to be bookmarked.

They bill themselves as "Earth's Mightiest Alternative Christian Link Portal" and "The best Jesus-infused sites you never knew about." The Dallas Morning News did a write up on them saying: "Here is an exhaustive roundup of Christian sites...The emphasis is on "alternative" Christian resources. There are enough surprises to draw you in and keep you engaged for hours." Hours? How about years!

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