Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What's the Big Deal? 2

I'm a little surprised but my comments on the role of women in ministry stimulated a rather lively conversation over at Jesus Creed. I posted a comment on this thread that Scot McKnight thought was interesting enough to be a post of its own. My post was basically an edited version of What's the Big Deal?

So far the number of comments on the post is up to 164! There really is a great deal of passion around this issue and I actually deeply appreciate the comments that women in ministry have posted. I think we have grown so used to a patriarchal system that at times it is difficult for me as a man to truly understand the difficulties a woman in ministry really has. Malvern Christian Assembly (PAOC) just recently appointed Ginette Howse as their Senior Pastor and from all accounts the church is absolutely thriving and passionate for God.


samlcarr said...

Thanks, Michael for having set off a fascinating debate. I'm afraid it was just too fast and furious for me to really jump in, but it did get me to blog on this issue.

hillschurch said...

Thanks for the comment. It has certainly been an intense and passionate conversation.

hillschurch said...

Update: The comments on this thread at Jesus Creed topped out at 231 - I think that's something of a record for that site.