Monday, May 28, 2007

More Meanderings

As well as writing, there have been a couple of other things happening.

Wednesday I was at another funeral - but this time I was the musician. That has never happened to me. I played an hour of background music on guitar and sang two songs during the service itself. It was a sad service because it was a six week old baby that passed away from a heart birth defect. The father did a masterful job describing his daughter and all they went through as a family. This little girl, Brooke, was born on April 5th - my daughter's birthday. There were times I had a hard time keeping it together. The family did something wonderful in memory of little Brooke - they established a fund to be given ton one family every year to help with their accommodation costs as they stay in Toronto to be with their child at Sick Kids Hospital. I was honoured to be part of the service.

Saturday we attended our neighbour's Bat Mitzvah party. Tamar, the Bat Mitzvah girl, has always struck me as a shy quiet girl. Boy was I wrong. She loves to act and sing and be in front of people. All the three children in the family did great as they all participated - they do like being in front of a crowd - and they did a great job.

Sunday was the Global Day of Prayer. We went down to Ricoh Coliseum - along with thousands of other - to pray for our city and our country and worship. It was, at times, very moving - surprisingly moving actually. I found myself in tears a number of times as I was impressed at how passionate people are and especially at how much God cares for the people of the city and the world. Millions of people all over the world were praying as well in most of the nations of the world. Check out the global website here and the Toronto website here.

While you're checking out websites, you should check out Kirstyns's. She was also at GDOP and was moved to begin praying for the media in our country. Check out her comments on her blog.

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