Monday, May 28, 2007

A Blogless Week

This has been a blogless week. I have a good reason though. I've been working hard on my studies for my DMin course. I've got three weeks left before I head back to Boston and I'm in the midst of finishing off my assignments. In particular, between my readings required for the residency at the end of June, and the related assignments and preparations I need to make for in class presentations, I'm putting the finishing touches on a major paper based on my reading over the past year. It's not about writing enough - it's about writing concisely. I was up to 15,000 words at one point, what with all the quotes and comments and ideas. Let's hope I can saw it off at somewhere south of 10 (thousand that is). If any of you really like to read and would like a draft, let me know - maybe we can work something out. It will be online sometime over the next few month as an archive of some kind - maybe over at the Hills website.

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alan said...

May I point out that this is a blog in its self!