Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Second Sunday of Advent

Here is the devotional for the Second Sunday of Advent - yes it is already Wednesday evening, but I wanted to do it before the third Sunday of Advent!

The Second Sunday of Advent

Keyword: Hope
Theme: Expectation/Promise/Longing
Action: Believe/Have Faith/Dream Big Dreams

First Advent talked of preparation – of personal repentance and getting right with God.

The second Advent talks about believing in the promise, of maintaining hope even though circumstances may tell you to despair or lose hope. The promises of the coming of Messiah and the salvation that accompanied him were scattered throughout Scripture. Gideon and Anna held on to the promise – even into their old age.
- the promise of a Messiah
- the resurrection of a dream almost given up
- the dormant promise come to life again


Isaiah 7:14
Isaiah 9:6-7
Isaiah 55:8-13
Luke 1:26-38; 2:21-40

Your Preparation

“May it be done to me as you have said.” These were the words of a teenage girl who believed the promise.
Are there big dreams that God has given you?
What mighty thing has He promised you that has yet to come to pass?
What dormant longing for His work does He want to awake in you this Advent season?
- a call to ministry?
- a work of reconciliation?
- a miraculous healing?
- an amazing salvation of loved ones?


Almighty God, may we hear afresh the voice of the child born in the manger who himself was the fulfillment of centuries of longing for the promise of salvation. Stir up within us Lord the longings we have for your will, your purpose, your kingdom – that it may transform our lives this Christmas and the lives of all we touch. Renew within us the expectation of your mighty working, your powerful grace, your outrageous love. This Christmas may we feel again the wind of your Spirit that calls forth the fulfillment of the promises lying dormant in your people. We believe! We will not lose heart! We will not give up hope! We will not grow weary as we wait for the promise! Come Lord Jesus! May it be done to us as you have said!

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