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Passages - Evel Kenievel

A silly story maybe but I still remember Evel Kenievel trying to jump over the Grand Canyon. It was good to hear of his encounter with God that happened earlier this year. Here's part of the story (the rest can be found here and here.)

"America's Legendary Daredevil," Evel Kenievel, who was Baptized earlier this Year, Dies at 69

"I don't know if it was the power of the prayer or God himself, but...the power of God in Jesus just grabbed me. All of a sudden, I just believed in Jesus Christ. I did, I believed in him!" -Evel Kenievel

(Clearwater, Florida)—Legendary motorcycle daredevil, Robert Craig "Evel" Kenievel, died on Friday, November 30, at the age of 69. According to a FOXNews report, Kenievel had struggled with poor health for a number of years, including diabetes, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and fallout from his many injuries from stunts and hard-living.

In early 2007, however, Kenievel had a transformation of sorts, when he accepted Christ and was baptized by Rev. Robert H. Schuller, at the Crystal Cathedral in California. His actions, and the message he shared that day, spurred one of the most impacting services held at the church, when nearly 800 people spontaneously came forward to recommit their lives to Christ, and be baptized on Palm Sunday. Click Here to read that story. (Photo courtesy of Crystal Cathedral.)

Kenievel left behind former wife and long-time partner, Krystal Kennedy-Kenievel, four children, ten grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Aimee Herd : Dec 1, 2007 :
AP Staff-AP, FOXNews

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