Tuesday, October 02, 2007

For the Love of Writing

I love to write. Now that can be interpreted in a few ways. First of all, I love to write with a fountain pen. I love the hefty feel of the pen in my hand. I love the even flow of the ink and the slight resistance of the paper to the nib tip of the pen. I love the way the ink comes out on the paper. Hey, I even love the smell of the ink.

There is almost a joyful experience attached to writing with a quality fountain pen on good paper. It doesn't matter if I'm writing poetry or taking notes or jotting down a phone number. That tactile sense of having something in your hands and pouring out flowing lines on a canvas is almost like art - maybe some would consider it art - until they see the chicken scratches that I pass off as handwriting. Well it feels like art anyways.

I have a Waterman Carene Black Gold Tip fountain pen that was given to me as a gift about 8 years ago when I left Evergreen. About 6 years ago I dropped it (yikes!) and bent the nib tines. When I checked about repairs (I had the pen sent in by the store where it was purchased) they gave me a repair estimate that was over $200. Although the pen has significant sentimental value for me (it was engraved and given to me by my staff at Evergreen who continue to remain friends), I figured I could buy a new one for that price (although I never did). So sadly I just put it away and have been writing with lower end Sheaffers (Award model) and just recently purchased a Pelikan Technixx, (both fountain pens).

Recently I have been hunting around for a place to repair it and have found a few places on the internet who specialize in the restoration of classic fountain pens. (Check them out here and here.) They have what is almost a cult following. They display their collection of unique and antique pens - fully restored and in working order. I was impressed. Although I don't think I will start hunting around garage sales and flea markets for old fountain pens, I have been inspired to at least see if my Waterman can be repaired and restored to life. I want to continue the art.


alan said...

Yes but fallafels are better and you can eat them too! and Wow the smell!~ Sorry fountian pens are cool but fallafels are better

hillschurch said...

Well falafels are in a completely different categorty - good food! Alan, it's like you are comparing apples and oranges - no wait they are also both food! You are comparing falafels and fountain pens!