Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On The Harbour

Or maybe I should write "harbor." I keep running into the "our" ending in many words here in USA. Words like behaviour and neighbour and harbour are spelled without the "u" south of the border. Most days it doesn't really matter but today we were talking a lot about the affecting the behaviour of others and it kept coming up as misspelled in my word processor (but not on the powerpoint presentation). I actually had to change my essay because I didn't think it would be all that well received.

At any rate, last night we went for a three hour cruise in Boston harbour - which is actually very expansive and has a number of islands and lots of lighthouses and a couple of forts. The whole Boston area is a history buff's dream come true. Boston was settled in the early 1600's and the founding dates of towns all around where we are is 1643, or even earlier. Just to put that in perspective, Thornhill was founded in 1795 - 150 years later.

it was a beautiful night and I posted some pictures here on the blog and on my Flickr site. The sunset was spectacular and the view of the city at night was amazing. We have a guy in our course whose sister runs a charter boat and we arranged to rent it for our class at cost (well probably below cost). They prepared an amazing meal for us and we spent a great evening together. Our class is quite small (only 6) and we've gotten to know each other quite well and we are having a good time.

We are doing school work as well and I'm in the middle of trying to put a proposal together for my next project which will also lead to what my thesis looks like.

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(kirstyn) said...

Guess what Daddy, Ich bin in deutschland. I miss you and love you.