Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back Home Again

I arrived safely home last night at around ten. Even before I drove into my driveway I was reminded of why God called me here. My neighbour flagged me down and asked "How was Boston?" And then talked to me about his ailing mother and his prayers for her. Brigitte and I went for a walk later and talked to another of our neighbours about a significant spiritual experience he had. Then today we spent the afternoon with another of our neighbours. Neighbourhood life is rich and full and filled with God encounters as we see Jesus in the face of those around us.

My trip home was mostly uneventful but I found out later that the Mohawk Indian nation had roadblocked the bridge to Canada (at Cornwall/Hogansburg) and part of the 401 highway between Cornwall and Toronto earlier in the day and had planned on blocking it for the duration of the weekend. Fortunately some kind of settlement had been reached earlier in the day and I made it home in a timely fashion.

I drove through New Hampshire and Vermont and it is pretty there. The day was sunny and not too hot. I took some pictures as I drove along - and I am amazed at how nice they turn out going 100+ km/hr. The daytime picture is in Vermont and the sunset is just west of Trenton on the 401.

Although I enjoyed my time in Boston, it's nice to be home. However I won't see my daughter Kirstyn for another four weeks because she left for Germany last week before I got home from Boston. She's been blogging some of her thoughts and experiences at her blog. Check it out and leave a comment to let her know people are thinking of her.

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