Friday, February 01, 2008

The Blogging Life

I've taken a bit of a vacation from blogging. At times it just seems pointless or overwhelming. There is a cartoon that has been making the rounds on various blogs that captures my feeling sometimes. You've probably seen it but I thought I would post it anyways.

I'm not a fresh faced voice on the blogging circuit and I don't always think that I have lots of new ideas. The rehashing of used ideas gets old quick. I also don't think blogging is just about "Wow look what I found!" There is just too much information out there and it is there for anyone to discover. However there are a number of things that I come across that stimulate my thinking and that it would be nice to share with someone. I get a chance to share some stuff as a pastor in the congregation of the saints but that is limited. I also like to blog because it keeps a record of what I have been thinking and at times it is a record of where I have been surfing.

I also found that there were times when all I would do is blog and think about ideas about blogging and then check to see how many visits I had in the previous day. That feels shallow and unproductive. I do appreciate those who are able to blog "on the side" while actually doing other useful work. I wonder how they do it at times. It really is a unique ability (maybe some would call it a gift). For example I have often wondered how Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed is able to read the number of books he does, review them, write books, teach his courses at the college that employs him and then post on his blog 4 or 5 times a day. These posts are not just "Oh look at this." They are well thought out posts where he continues the dialogue in the comments section. I would say that he has a gift. I on the other hand do not.

However, I will continue to blog for now. I will also stop the hosting of our website ( because it is just too static. I will migrate some of the information here as a post. If I have new pictures I will post them here (or post a link to them) and information is not really current enough on a website to be of any real use. I would like to keep the domain name and create a link from there to here - if I can find a cheap way of doing that.

So I'm back for now. I want to keep some of the ideas I have for my DMin posted on occasion. That also helps me process some of my thinking. So with the hillschurch stuff and the DMin stuff and the ideas that come along to inspire and encourage, maybe I will be able to average 5 or 6 posts a week.

We'll see.

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