Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New "Air"

Well I suppose I'm not completely back. I have allowed myself to step into the deep waters of computer maintenance and upgrades. MacWorld 2008 didn't help either. But more about that later.

The things you have to do to just get back up to speed. After picking up my laptop I needed to reinstall all my programs - which is time consuming in and of itself. But I also needed to try and remember all the programs that I had downloaded (mostly freeware) that I use on a regular basis. It is sometimes a long process where you suddenly realize that you used to use a particular program to do a certain activity - then you look for it online and download it.

I also ordered more RAM which came today and needed to be installed as well.

And now my son is actually thinking of buying a new laptop - which brings me back to MacWorld. Steve Jobs always presents a Keynote Address where he explains the new things they are releasing. Maybe it's only interesting to Mac geeks - but it is part of the Mac mystique and Apple really does push the technological envelope (pardon the pun - Steve Jobs pulled his latest thin laptop out of an envelop during his keynote).

In case you haven't heard or just don't follow the goings on in that parallel universe where all the planets are Apple shaped, the folks in Cupertino (Mac headquarters) have released a new thin laptop called the Macbook Air - already being dubbed the "Airbook." It really is thin and has a high "Wow" factor.

It's called the Air because there are no cables and the loading of programs is done wirelessly. It really is cool.

However I don't think that my son will get it. It doesn't have enough ummph for him (not enough ram or hard drive space).

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