Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Word of Exhortation

I wanted to post an encouraging and challenging "prophetic word" given by Chuck Pierce and make a few comments in the next post.

In a recent worship service at Glory of Zion, Brian Kooiman, my assistant, gave a tongues message, and I began to interpret the word of the Lord: "I would say you've been swimming in a thimble, and I have an ocean for you to jump in! You've been asking Me for more, but you're not speaking to what needs to be untied for your future. Speak to your colt! When I needed a colt, I said, 'Tell them that I have need of it!'

Speak to what needs to be untied for your life. I will cause your hands to receive what you need. Swim on out; come on out into the place that is over your head. Do not try to swim in a thimble when the ocean is waiting. The pool for you has enlarged. I will give you lessons on how to swim in the new place I have for you."

Linda Heidler continued the interpretation: "This is a day of enlargement! You may have seen the giants in the land. But until the giants are confronted, you cannot possess what I have promised. This is a day for you to stir your faith! Listen carefully, because I have a strategy to overthrow the giants that you've seen. I know where they are hiding! I know where they are entrenched! I know their taunts against you!

I know the "NOW" plan that I've had since before the foundation of the world for this time and season, to overthrow the giants that have a hold of your inheritance! The key is for you to listen and obey. I am not expecting your strength to overcome! Listen and obey! Listen and obey and I will give you the strategy to overthrow those things that are blocking your path, so that you possess your full inheritance that I've promised you."

Keith Pierce then continued: "Take your seed and plant it this day. In the planting of the seed, I will reposition you underneath the pouring out of My treasury. Today is the day of the exchanging of the mantle. Today is the day of the releasing of the funds for the next shift that you are to make! Sow your seed and see the presence of God released! Sow your seed and see the presence of God brought forth. Sow your seed and see yourself established! Sow your seed! Call your seed into fruition! This is a time to bless your seed!

Remove your old garment! Turn loose of it and come into the movement of what I AM saying this day! Sow your seed! For the lie of the enemy is trying to rob from you what I AM releasing in the earth this hour! Your knees have been shaky, and you've not known how to stand. And even in the stance you've taken, you've shaken. But now I'm beginning to speak to you in a new way with a new sound. I'm blowing a new breath of anointing upon you. I'm extending to you My future plan of victory. Put on your victory garment, and walk in My identity for a moment! Sense My joy for a moment, so that you might follow Me into the completion of My purposes for you life."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

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