Saturday, September 23, 2006

First Post

I'm starting to blog again. It seems I start and stop. But I did want to begin keeping some records of the journey. We continue to explore what a house church looks like in a culture that seems to value big buildings and large crowds. I really enjoy the interaction and yet feel that more is in store for us.
Last month I was at an one day emerging church gathering called Cultivate and reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones. I was one of the oldest guys there. It seems that there are a lot of excited younger leaders taking some risks and exploring some neat ideas. I reconnected with Joe Manafo who is heading up The Story in Sarnia - a very interesting church plant. He does some neat stuff with video and has lots of energy. I want to continue to touch base with him.

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Anonymous said...

So you are starting new churches? Your right large crowds are not always the answer. We have about 300 on Sundays and I can remember having 150 just 6 years ago. Praise God we have new members. Praise God people are bringing their family to church. however there are people I don't know and as before I knew everyone.
Here is the question.. if your doing it right and leading a productive church body, reaching out to others, you'll always grow right? We can't really get caught up on numbers because if we are doing it as the Lord would want us to we will be reaching the masses... deep thoughts ending. ha!